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Divus Winery

Divus, ORNIS (Black Girl/Merlot)

Divus, ORNIS (Black Girl/Merlot)

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ORNIS – is the blend created by combining winemaking traditions and innovation of the DIVUS winery, to create this exceptional wine from the heart of Codriri.

ORNIS – like any work arose from passion and dedication for everything VIN stands for.

ORNIS - is the wine of absolute quality, on which every detail has been worked on!

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    • Manual harvesting
    • The age of the oak wood is over 150 years
    • Blend of carefully selected varieties, including Merlot 50%, Feteasca Neagra 50%
    • Bottle aging potential 10 years.
    • Cryomaceration 5 days
    • Alcohol content 14.9% vol.
    • Aging in barrels: MERLOT - 14 months in new French oak, FETEASCA NEAGRĂ - 12 months in 50% French - 50% Romanian oak
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  • A man's contemplative gaze over a glass of red wine, pondering its deep hues and rich aromas.



    Warmer temperatures in the late summer of 2019 accelerated fruit development and reaching full maturity.

    The grape harvest started on September 15, a few days earlier than average.

    The harvest process took four weeks and activity in the cellar proceeded at a calm and steady pace as each grape was hand-picked.

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    Keep the temperature between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius and ensure a humidity between 50% and 80%. Store bottles lying down or tilted to keep the corks moist. Protect the wine from light and sudden vibrations.

    With these attentions, storage becomes a celebration of the art of wine, setting the stage for a memorable moment when you discover its rich aroma and sublime taste, delighting your senses on a journey full of pleasure and refinement.

  • Waitress pouring red wine into glass in restaurant, closeup


    ORNIS 2019 ,
    it presents itself with intense aromas of black plums, blueberries, black and dried currants, rose petals, accentuated by mineral nuances and a slight sensation of whipped cream!

    The creamy, satiny texture is framed by fine-grained tannins. The freshness and soft brightness of the acidity create a subtle tension with the black fruits, savory herbs, coffee and cocoa.

    A delicate dark chocolate bitterness lingers in the aftertaste.

Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things in the world that has been brought to the highest degree of perfection.

Luis Fernando Olaverri