The story of Divus Winery

In the heart of Codriri, under the gentle sunlight, the story of our DIVUS wine unfolds. Here, with dedication and passion, we take care of our vines, transforming their fruit into exceptional wines. Under the guidance of our talent and our winemakers, our wines become true works of art.

Taking inspiration from the legend of the place where the god Dionysus brought the gift of vine culture, DIVUS finds its essence. This ancient story teaches us about dedication, perseverance and patience, qualities that are reflected in every drop of DIVUS. As a covenant between past and present, DIVUS brings together different ideas and characters, offering a divine experience.

The Elegance and Power of Wine


DIVUS is the wine of genuine friendships and special moments. It is the elixir that unites brave souls and gives color to great hopes. With its complex aromas and refined taste, DIVUS pays tribute to creativity and the power of wine to unite people in full communion.

White wine

red wine